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We get to meet different people in lots of different situations…variety is the spice of life!


Imagine our excitement when we were recommended to the BBC, to provide on-set expertise and advice for a particular scene in the TV Drama ‘Call the Midwife’ using our unique balloon modelling skills. I’ll set the scene, (if you pardon the pun) on what seemed like the hottest day ever, 19th July 2022. I was hired to be on set to provide balloons for an opening scene and offer handling advise to the actors so they looked like highly skilled balloon modellers on screen in the final aired scenes.


Hottest day of the year and balloon modelling, did it go wrong, surprisingly not!

Not one balloon burst under sweltering conditions, clearly it’s all in the wrists as they say.

magic Martin making balloons
The Producer had a very clear idea of what was required within the scene. The character was to be seen surrounded by children and making fun balloons. Only a very short clip but one which helped cement the character to the audience, so it was vital to get this right. I advised which balloons would not only look good on set, the colours and shapes but also which styles would work at convincing the audience the character had made them himself.  In between takes I made balloons for all the lovely props staff to take home to their children to enjoy.


My time – balloon modelling to the rescue!

When ready for me, I was called upon by the Floor Manager. The seering heat hit as soon as I left dressing room but I knew my high quality balloons would stand up to the pressures of an ’11th take’ on set even in temperatures rising above 40 degrees.


It was interesting to see how the film crew work, filming the same scene at different angles for the editing team to piece together , with the final result being what you see on TV.


I was then asked to help come up with a method of showing the actor how to make a balloon dog on camera. It was important to be able to do this without the balloon making any squeaking noise so the sound crew didn’t pick it up (Trade secret here I’m afraid).



Doesn’t the balloon modelling look great on screen!


Two children from the set, were given all the left over balloons I had pre-made to take home with them…there were a lot!…and two even happier mums thanked me.


Again, perks of the job. Happy clients and a chuffed balloon modeller and best of all…. No balloons were harmed during filming!


Here is a link to the BBC site where you can watch, Series 12 – Episode 3:
http://bbc call the midwife
And find out more information about Balloons here: